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LOVATI - Glass working machinery - The best technology for your best glass
Loading/Unloading Units
NC loading/unloading units
CAL Series
Numerical control loading/unloading unit

NC loading unit capable of transferring glass sheet from the vertical plane to the horizontal plane.

All glass movements are made by a numerical control unit which has the possibility of memorizing different programs, depending on glass dimensions.

X, Z and W axes are moved by means of Brushless motors and their positioning is controlled by individual rotary encoder.
This makes the loading cycle particularly fast.

The loading operation is effected on the machine side.

The loading unit can be offered with either right or left hand side loading.

Single large glass sheet or several small sheets can be loaded during a single machine cycle.

The loading unit is complete with a motorized roller conveyor.

Glass centering/positioning is accomplished by electrical sensors and pneumatic cylinder.

CAL Series machines can be equipped with a system which can rotate the glass pieces through an angle of 90 degrees during the loading cycle (NCR version).

Upon request, the loader can be produced in a version complete with two pallets carousel.

CAL Series loaders can be produced in unload version (SCAL).

Technical data

Min. glass size Max. glass size Max. glass thickness Max. loading weight
CAL 2010 S
compact type
150x180 mm 2000x1000 mm 20 mm 90 Kg
CAL 2012 NC 220x220 mm 2000x1200 mm 20 mm 100 Kg
CAL 2212 NC 220x220 mm 2200x1200 mm 20 mm 100 Kg
CAL 2014 NC 220x220 mm 2000x1400 mm 20 mm 110 Kg
CAL 2214 NC 220x220 mm 2200x1400 mm 20 mm 120 Kg
CAL 2514 NC 220x220 mm 2500x1400 mm 20 mm 130 Kg
CAL 2016 NC 220x220 mm 2000x1600 mm 20 mm 130 Kg
CAL 2216 NC 220x220 mm 2200x1600 mm 20 mm 130 Kg
CAL 2516 NC 220x220 mm 2500x1600 mm 20 mm 130 Kg
CAL 2520 NC 220x220 mm 2500x2000 mm 15 mm 150 Kg
CAL 3015 NC 220x220 mm 3000x1500 mm 15 mm 150 kg
CAL 3020 NC 220x220 mm 3000x2000 mm 15 mm 150 Kg
CAL 3225 NC 400x500 mm 3200x2500 mm 10 mm 150 Kg
CAL 4025 NC 400x500 mm 4000x2500 mm 10 mm 180 Kg

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